Pacific Sports Turf is offering two types of Synthetic Turf Maintenance.


Advanced Care Services include:


Field Assessment –  Pictured here we are measuring infill depth in wear areas across the field.  We also look for repair areas and general condition of the field.


Infill measure









Adding infill – Pictured here we add a small amount of rubber and sand in known wear areas.








Field De-compaction –  We use spring tines to rake up infill which creates air space in the infill and stands up the fibers.







Rotary Brush & Vacuum – This process lifts the fibers, removes broken fibers and other debris, and helps the planarity of the field.  We also run a magnet over the field to pick up unsafe metal that has been dropped onto the field.







Static brush and vacuum – Here we brush the field in at least 2 directions and continue to vacuum up fiber and debris.


Re-Assess the field – We re-measure the same areas of the field to assess the change we were able to make.

Infill measure








Make small repairs – Here we can make a few small repairs to keep the field safe.