services_seeding1Compact Seeding and our Slice Seeding machines see lots of use across the Northwest each season. Slice Seeding should be considered on sports fields annually to keep the population of grass plants strong and vibrant. Slice seeders vertically cut the turf surface with a butter knife like blade to expose the deposited seed to the surface soil so germination can take place. This action of “slicing” the turf surface gives the field a combed look and can smooth out a field to a limited degree especially if seeded in two directions. The compact seeder is used in new construction applications where new irrigation and significant grading is applied to the site. Both seeders are followed with a small ring roller to heal the opening back together on the turf and to surround the seed with soil.

We can seed any grass variety for clients who have a particular need or requirement for a certain type of grass blend.

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