Aerification is one of the most important cultivation techniques in establishing a durable, dense and safe playing surface. Several different types of aerifications are offered by Pacific Sports Turf depending on the need of the field, use and moisture content of the topsoil. Heavy core aeration allows for nutrients, sand and oxygen to reach the root zone while at the same time providing some means for water to escape the surface and allow the plant to grow and flourish. Pacific Sports Turf can apply a wide variety of tines to both our greens aerators and fairway aerators for your individual needs. We also have the option of using a large diameter hollow tine to generate an abundance of material for the field/surface that needs extensive renovation and aeration.


Aerification is usually the initial operation when undertaking the field renovation project. This effort involves the removal of a vertical “turf/soil core” from the playing surface. The hole pattern for such aeration should be a minimum of 3″x3″ while removing a 3/4″ soil core that is typically 3.5″ to 4″ long depending on the particular type of tine used. We currently feature the JD Aerocore 800’s for our greens work and the Toro Fairway Aerators for our sports field aeration and golf fairway applications. However, another option is the Soil Reliever equipped with coring tines. We strongly recommend to our sports field clients that a minimum of one annual aeration is a must for a turf surface that is resilient, durable and safe while withstanding moderate use.

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